Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whoaa! We're [a quarter of the] way there! Whoaaa! Living on a prayer!

So we just finished our first quarter!  This was an exciting mile-mark, as it has felt like a whole semester already, but I am still enjoying the job so no complaints from here!  The end of the quarter was marked with teacher work days to get report cards finalized, parent teacher conferences (I had roughly 40 separate conferences!), and also the annual school Carnival.

The Carnival was a BLAST!  Most of the students came with their families and brought friends that didn't go to the school; it was a good time.  There were all kinds of different games and activities going on all day.  They had a competition to see how many kernels of corn you could pick up with chop sticks and drop into a water bottle in a minute (I challenged some of my Asian students thinking I had developed my skills to a high enough level, but I was beaten), they had face painting, blowdart shooting, a photo booth with different costumes, they had food, drinks, and much more.  However, the highlight of the Carnival was the Dunk Tank.  Different teachers took shifts sitting in the Dunk Tank, but as soon as my shift began, a mob of middle school students came running to the Dunk Tank to try and dunk me and they were quite good at it too!  It was all a lot of fun though.

Oh! There was also a Middle School dodgeball tournament and the teams were allowed one teacher on the team if they wanted, so I got to play, and of course we won!  The Carnival was a great end to a great first quarter.
 One of the MANY times I got dunked!

 They had a "jail" and you could pay $1 to put students in jail...this was payback :)

 One of my 6th graders in the school-wide talent show.  She got 2nd!!

 One of my 8th graders playing guitar in the talent show

 Face painting

 Winning the dodgeball tourny

 Many of my students volunteered to work at a booth.  Here are some hard at work

 This is a popular Korean pose for pictures

 Some of my 8th grade students

 Me and Raj playing dress up

Some more students hard at work

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  1. Looks like lots of fun. I can only imagine you forgetting they are middle school students and trying to put them out at dodge ball. Hope you didn't hurt any of them.

    keep having fun.

    i have to remind myself Christmas is not that far away! Love you Dad.