Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Semester Over

Just finished grading the last of my finals and I can finally sit back and say that I am done with my first semester.  Many of the teachers are talking like "This semester went by so fast!" or "Can you believe it is already half way over?!"  Meanwhile, my thoughts are more like "It is only half-way!?!?"

That is not saying that I do not LOVE my job, I do.  I just have felt like I have worked so much that it feels like we should be further along than half way, but I will celebrate this milestone and look forward to another great semester in January.  For now though, it is time for me to depart from Singapore and return to the ole U.S. of A. to celebrate the holidays with the family!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Late Night Escape Route

Having a class room on the 4th floor has its many disadvantages, with having to climb four flights of stairs multiple times a day being the most obvious.  Another, however, is that every night at precisely 7 pm there is a roll down gate that locks any distracted hard workers in their rooms for the night.  Yes, there is a warning bell that goes off 15 minutes prior to the gates being closed, but sometimes one ignores/misses such warnings.  Most days the janitors will come to my room to kick me out before they close the gates, but other days, whether they forget or are just simply tired of kicking me out, I get locked in.  However, the Boy Scout in me was able to figure a way out!  We have a flagpole that conveniently runs close enough to second floor concrete awning to provide a fireman style exit.  Sadly, I have used this route multiple times (to date the number is 4).