Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Today was a public holiday in Singapore, which means an extra day off!  Yet another benefit to living in such a multicultural country is that you get days off for other cultures holidays.  Today was Deepavali, which is a Hindu holiday celebrated on the New Year of the Hindu lunar calender.  There are a few different stories about why it is celebrated.  One about one of their gods returning after 14 years of banishment, one about one of their gods defeating an evil king/demon, and one about a god lifting a mountain to protect the people from a massive rain storm.  The holiday is generally celebrated by hanging lots of lights (Deepavali literally means "rows of lights"), fireworks, and a big feast.  In Little India, an area in Singapore, they had tons of lights hung up that we went to see, and the Indian maintenance crew at our school cooked us a MASSIVE traditional Indian meal.  It was fantastic!

Our Deepavali Feast

Deepavali means "row of lights"

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  1. The food looks awesome! Is that fried fish? Surely you aren't eating fish now?