Friday, May 18, 2012

Universal Studios

As a celebration for finishing Middle School we took all the 8th graders to Universal Studios in Sentosa today.  Pretty awesome to get paid to go ride rollarcoasters all day!  It was a lot of fun just letting loose with them, sure will miss teaching those guys next year.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keeping Up With the Braves

Me and my brother Brandon decided to both get this year since we would both no longer in the Southeast of the U.S. where everyone is fortunate enough to get to see every Braves game on TV, something we had both grown pretty custom to.  Now we both get ALL the games either on our computer or on our iPhone live!  The only issue now is the time difference makes the games fall in the early morning, but it usually works out to wear the last few innings are being played during my planning period.  So long productivity!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Batik Tuesday

So every Tuesday a group of us teacher wear batiks for Batik Tuesday.  Batiks are one of the traditional clothes of Indonesia.  Despite me wearing a batik literally EVERY Tuesday of the entire year, my classes still questioned me in disbelief when I told them this back in MARCH.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paintball In Malaysia

Today me and about 14 other guys, mostly high school students, took a day trip across the causeway into Malaysia.  What was the sole purpose of this trip?  To shoot each other with paintballs!

With Singapore's super strict laws on guns, paintball guns are illegal in Singapore, so we had to go into Malaysia in order to play.  Such a fun time filled with laughs, fellowship, and a little violence.  We had the whole course to ourselves and played different games of deathmatch (you have to "kill" every member of the opposing team) and capture the flag.

At the end, we only had a few paintballs left, so we decided to do duals wild west style.  5 paces...then turn and fire one shot.  One of the high schoolers called me out so I couldn't deny him his chance.  After our 5 paces we both turn and pull our triggers.  My shot hits him square in the face (we had helmets, no worries). His shot...never got fired because he left his safety on! haha.  All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.

The Group

The Course

Head Shot

Telunas Service Trip- Round 2

Ok, so one of the biggest perks of being one of the only single guys at my school is the fact that I keep getting selected to go one the international service trips that our school goes on.  In the Fall you may remember a trip I went on with some Middle School students to Telunas Indonesia and we traveled to a local school on Moro Island to teach an English lesson one day and work on a construction project another day.  Well, the school goes on the same trip in the Spring and I again got to chaperon.

It was essentially the same trip, just with a few other students.  Saturday we did our construction project where we painted their outside fence and also mixed the concrete that went to build the school an outdoor cafeteria area.  Sunday we had the full day to relax and enjoy our stay at Telunas Beach, and then on Monday the students went and taught their English lessons before we headed back to Singapore later Monday afternoon.  It was a great return to such a lovely place.  I really enjoyed experiencing God's beauty, sharing Christ's love with the students in Moro, and watching my own students serve with such a positive attitude.  It was just the trip I needed to help me finish this school year out strong with a smile on my face.

 Somewhere Under the Rainbow

 All on the Bus

 Working Hard

 Rock 'N Roll

 Playing Footie

 Traditional Meal at a Local's Home

 God's Art Work


 Saying Goodbye

 A Couple of the kids

Precious Little Girls