Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Epilogue

I write this as I just finished packing my bags to depart for my big new adventure.  Although this will surely not be my last time to visit this country which has so graciously hosted me the past three years, and opened my eyes to whole new world of culture sharing and traveling, and taught me many lessons, some good and some bad, and forever changed how I see myself and the world I live in, it will cease, from this point onward, to be my place of residence.  I carefully eluded the word "home" because one of the lessons Singapore has taught me is that we are not constrained to one home, and Singapore will always be one of my "homes".

Now my adventures are not over.  To steal a line from the late great Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook,"Oh no.  To live would be an awfully big adventure."  This next adventure, which I call life, will take place in South Korea.  Tuned my new blog highlighting my adventures in Korea and abroad at , and go out and live your own adventures wherever you are!

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