Friday, October 18, 2013

MRT Campaign

Our transit system here in Singapore, better known as the MRT, has recently started a new campaign to try and encourage patrons to be more polite and maybe a little more considerate of others.  I find it sad that this is such a problem that it needed its own marketing campaign, but I am glad that it is being addressed.  However, the ads that they post up are pretty laughable.  First, they are suggesting that these courteous actions are something that almost EVERYONE does, which then begs the question: "then why is it a problem?" Second, they are absurdly inaccurate and misleading.  Look at the example I posted below.  "94% say that they will give up their seats to those who need them more".  LIES!!!!!! I have had to literally kick people sitting in the reserved seating to get up for an old lady because they were too self absorbed to notice.  Of course people, when asked in a survey are going to say they will give up their seat.  Well, except that 6%, which, frankly, I love that they were honest enough to actually say, "you know what, nah, I think I'd just keep my seat."

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