Thursday, July 25, 2013


This summer was the first time I had gone home in over a year and a half and it was great to see all of my friends and family (including my niece and sister in law for the first time), eat all the foods I had missed (not so great gaining 20 lbs though), and be reaffirmed that no matter how long I am overseas I will always have a home in the US.

My trip consisted of visits to: Auburn University, Mobile, and our lake house. Our lake house, a place I have been visiting ever since a baby, will always be one of my favorite places in the world.  The place is so serene, and, having lived in the busy country of Singapore for 2 years, serene is rarely experienced.  I have described our lake house as being my Walden, except minus the introversion and hermit-like seclusion.  The lake is much more enjoyed with friends or family.

Now back in Singapore, focusing on starting what will be my 3rd year here, I am comforted by the comfort I felt back in America.  Prior to I had anticipated feeling like a "tourist" or somewhat detached from American society due to my absence, but I was wrong.  The comforts of home never go away and that is true wherever you call home.  And hey, who says you can only have one home?

First contact @ the airport

Back at Auburn

Gotta have some Momma's Love, Nachos w/, and Sweet Tea.  Auburn peeps know what I'm talking about!

Lake House View


China Princess

Olympic Games 1996

Stone Mountain

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