Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paintball In Malaysia

Today me and about 14 other guys, mostly high school students, took a day trip across the causeway into Malaysia.  What was the sole purpose of this trip?  To shoot each other with paintballs!

With Singapore's super strict laws on guns, paintball guns are illegal in Singapore, so we had to go into Malaysia in order to play.  Such a fun time filled with laughs, fellowship, and a little violence.  We had the whole course to ourselves and played different games of deathmatch (you have to "kill" every member of the opposing team) and capture the flag.

At the end, we only had a few paintballs left, so we decided to do duals wild west style.  5 paces...then turn and fire one shot.  One of the high schoolers called me out so I couldn't deny him his chance.  After our 5 paces we both turn and pull our triggers.  My shot hits him square in the face (we had helmets, no worries). His shot...never got fired because he left his safety on! haha.  All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday.

The Group

The Course

Head Shot

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  1. This looks like a war zone. Bet it was fun. Remember dad's birthday?