Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Run 5k

So every year our school holds a 5k race that we use as a fund raiser at nearby park.  It is a lot of fun as everybody from school (parents, teachers, and students) get together with people from the outside community to run.  I have literally had this day marked on my calender for over a month now in anticipation, and tried to do some training for it as I found time, which was very seldom.

However, the event was a great success as probably around 200 people showed up and over a hundred of those participated in the race.  As teachers, we had been encouraged to give students extra credit as an incentive to come to the race.  I decided to give 5 points on a test to anyone who ran the race, but 10 points if they could beat me!  I was determined not to let that happen... Unfortunately, I was beaten by one of my students, but that was pretty much a foregone conclusion as this student runs 8+ miles on the weekends just for fun.  I did, however, finish in 9th place, which but as the fastest teacher, so I was pretty pleased.  I still do not know my official time, but through process of deduction I know it was somewhere in the 23 minute range.

Oh, and funny story.  As I was nearing the home stretch, I looked ahead of me and probably about 100 meters ahead was the director of our school.  Refusing to be beaten by this ABOVE middle aged man, I sprinted with EVERYTHING I had left in the tank to just barely pass him at the finish line.  For some reason (possibly due to the fact that I had just run a 5k) my brain did not process that I started the race at the front of the pack, did not see him among the front runners, and never saw him pass me.  Then, as I lie in the grass trying to not pass out from sprinting the last 200 meters of a 5k, he comes next to me and says, "I didn't run the whole race.  I just wanted to see if you would chase me down."

 The mad dash

 My place card

 Even my roommate came out to run (he is on the left)

 The student of mine who beat me

Me and Victor

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