Friday, February 3, 2012

International Night

Tonight was our "international night" were we celebrate the cultural diversity of our school.  It was an all day event as we allowed students and faculty to have a free dress day and encouraged people to represent their country of origin.  It was a really neat sight seeing students in such different and diverse cultural garb (even had one student rep a Cam Newton jersey, War Eagle!).  The school then capped off the night with a set of performances by different student groups representing countries from all over the globe.  We had dances from Indonesia, Philippines, India, Korea, a tae kwon do performance, and some American songs.  A group of us teachers then decided to surprise everybody with a secret performance at the end of the show, in which we wanted to represent America.  We figured that when people think of America they usually think of apple pie, baseball, and...Michael Jackson.  So, in a matter of less than a week a group of about 10 teachers, myself included, learned the "Thriller" dance. ENJOY!

 Andrew representing Mexico

Ben representing India

 Frankie in his Boy Scouts of America uniform

 Nagisa in her kimono from Japan, and Michelle and Harin in their Hanbok from Korea.  You can pick out the Koreans by the peace signs

 Mark representing Cam. War Eagle!

 Indonesian dance.  This had lots of hand movements.  It was amazing how in sync the all were.

 Indonesian fashion show with clothes from many different islands of in Indonesia.

 K-pop dance.  Think Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls Asian style.

Korean Tae Kwon Do performance.  Note to self: don't pick on these kids.
Ballywood dance.  Very neat!

Indian dance group.  They got the whole crowd participating with them.

 Filipino choir.  Sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "This is the Day" in Tagalog.

Filipino dance.  This is one of those things that is super neat to see, yet impossible to explain.  The poles made a rhythm by beating them against the ground twice and then they clapped them together.  Meanwhile these little kids danced between the poles and would quickly exit when they clapped together, keeping rhythm the whole time.  Basically a more extreme form of jump rope.

The staff "Thriller" dance.  I am all the way to the left with the afro.

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  1. Bradley, what a treat! Know your students and all involved loved this surprise. Kyle would be proud of the hair and dance as it was also his role at Troup HS theater show.

    Great memories!